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Private Network Resources: the Qingdao library is connected with the national library to share the achievements of national digital library project resources and a number of excellent commercial digital resources. Resources include more than 1 million books, more than 700 kinds of journals, more than 70,000 teaching courseware, more than 10,000 pictures, 180,000 full text files, and more than 3,000 kinds of video resources about lectures and local opera. The total resources exceeded 120TB.Note: Private network resources are only available in the e-reading room of Qingdao library and the district libraries.


Ni Shan Academyni shan academy

Ni Shan Academy

Citizens can access the platform using computers, touch reading machines, tablets and mobile phones to browse the national classics with 5,000 years’ cultural and watch video resources in Ni Shan Academy. Taking into account the special needs of the visually impaired, we prepared a large number of audio books and card-type speakers, so that they can also enjoy the fun of reading. We carry out regularly a variety of traditional cultural activities, including classic reading, sinology popularization, rites and music edification, moral practice, temperament and interest cultivation. These five sections cover every aspect of the Confucianists had asked students to master. Ni Shan Academy has been built into a comprehensive national school which is rich and practical.


About Usintroduction

Brief Introduction
Qingdao city library is a large public library, city is an important hub of knowledge information of Qingdao base and spiritual civilization construction, but also for all levels of party and government organs, enterprises and organizations of scientific decision-making to provide services of public welfare, academic services.
Predecessor was founded in 1924, Qingdao library public popular library "Macao commercial port".In December 1997, the communist party of China (Qingdao municipal party committee, municipal government decided to the business expansion, the transformation of Qingdao library, has invested 80 million yuan.On July 6, 2002, the expansion of the part of the opening to the outside world.Expansion after modification, new a total construction area of nearly 26000 square meters, 7 floors, with great positive exterior framework means the doors of knowledge, is one of Qingdao city landmark cultural construction.
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