Review: "passion to learn foreign language happiness to develop" public interest foreign language salon activity "happy fruit in children's foreign language salon"

source:Qingdao Library    author:Foreign Languages D.   read: number    date:2017/07/12

2:30 p.m. on July 8, Qingdao library public foreign language salon invited Qingdao benno subject English school of foreign teachers in the library on the first floor hall, to lead the children through the game together to learn the different fruit theme of new words, but also themselves make good-looking and delicious fruit salad. A total of 35 children signed up for the event.

The foreign teacher first led the children through a small game in music.

After the warm-up, the foreign teacher began to teach children how to express different fruits in a combination of pictures and physical objects.

The children who study seriously are to be rewarded, and finally, as the fruit of teaching utensils, tongtong is "eliminated" by the children.

The activity is over. We have eaten delicious fruits and learned a lot of new English words. How happy the children are

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