"Passion to learn foreign language happiness for development" public interest foreign language salon activity  Happy English Reading Corner ——A summary of the activities of the jungle exploration of children's foreign language salon

source:Qingdao Library    author:Foreign Languages D.   read: number    date:2017/05/03

On April 22, afternoon comes in room 416 of the library of Qingdao, foreign language salon English Qingdao zhuo the quality of the foreign teachers will be invited to the children's Drama into our English salon, a series of exploratory Drama games and stage experience to release the children's nature, let them know and feel fun and exploratory English Drama.

After the host's opening words, the Chinese and foreign teachers led the children to embark on the mysterious jungle exploration tour. The jungle is full of life, but it is also dangerous. Teachers led the children to the mysterious jungle adventure, they brave, united way, in the jungle collecting all kinds of wild fruit, also accidentally found a lovely baby bear and bring them back to his home... The children boldly try the English oral pronunciation training under the guidance of the teacher.

In the final jungle theme scavenger hunt, the fairy messengers from the forest are the key clues to the search for treasure in the jungle. The children are also actively involved and have fun!

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