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Current recommended book covers the philosophy, politics, economy, education, art, architecture, biography, literary criticism, literary classics, biology, method of management, energy science, computer network system...Is a rare original English books.

Now to call number, title, author, publishing, press, publishing, keywords and pictures form to the readers, hope to have some help for your study and research.

1.Call number:D756.19/1

Sexual politics/Stephen Brooke.—New York:O  -xford University Press,c2011

xii, 284 p. ill. 24 cm.

Key word:Great Britain -- Social policy 

2.Call number:D771.22/2

Liberty's surest guardian/Jeremi Suri.—New Yor  -k:Free Press,c2011

vii, 358 p. ill., maps 24 cm.

Key word:Nation-building -- United States --    History 

3.Call number:D856.12/1

Alternatives to appeasement/Andrew David Sted  -man.—London:I.B. Tauris,c2011 

x, 308 p. 23 cm. 

Key word:Great Britain -- Foreign relations --   1936-1945

4.Call number:I106/1

A companion to Arthurian literature/edited by He  -len Fulton.—Malden, MA:Wiley-Blackwell,   c2012 

xiv, 571 p. ill. 25 cm. 

Key word:Arthurian romances -- History and criticism 

5.Call number:Q111/1 

American genesis/Jeffrey P. Moran.—New Yor-  k:Oxford University Press,c2012

xi, 196 p. ill. 25 cm.

Key word:Evolution (Biology) -- Study and te  -aching -- United States 

6.Call number:K837.127/2

Emma Goldman/Vivian Gornick.—New Haven:  Yale University Press,c2011

151 p. ill. 22 cm

Key word:Women anarchists -- United States    – Biography

7.Call number:K561.3/1

William Cecil, Ireland, and the Tudor state/Chri  -stopher Maginn.—Oxford:Oxford University   Press,c2012

xi, 254 p. ill., maps 24 cm

Key word:Great Britain -- Foreign relations – Ireland

8.Call number:D747.862/1

Why race matters in South Africa/Michael MacDonald.—Cam-bridge:Harvard University Press,c2006 

245 p. 25 cm. 

Key word:Blacks -- South Africa – Economic   conditions

9.Call number:B502.233/1 

Aristotle on the Common Sense/Pavel·Gregoric.  —Oxford:Oxford University Press,c2007 

xiv,252 p. 22 cm. 

Key word:Philosophy

10.Call number:B982/1 

When sparrows became hawks/Purnima Dhavan.   —New York:Oxford University Press,c2011. 

Key word:Khalsa (Sect) – History

11.Call number:D737.662-09/1

The emergence of minorities in the Middle Eas  -t/Benjamin Thomas White.—Edinburgh:Edin  -burgh University Press,c2011 

xiii, 239 p. ill., maps 25 cm. 

Key word:Ethnicity -- Syria -- 20th century

12.Call number:D095.03/1 

The mortgage of the past/Francis Oakley.—New Haven:Yale

  University Press,c2012 

xv, 327 p. 25 cm. 

Key word:Kings and rulers -- History -- To    1500 

13.Call number:TS81/1

Neue Schriften = New typefaces/herausgegen   von Isabel Naegele, Petra Eisele, Annette    Ludwig.—Sulgen:Niggli,c2014 

247 p. ill. 23 cm. 

Key word:Type and type-founding – Exhibitions

14.Call number:K835.625.6/1

Synge and Edwardian Ireland/Brian·Cliff,Nicho  -las·Grene.—Oxford:Oxford University Pres  -s,c2012 

xviii,257 p. ill. 23 cm. 

Key word:Biography 

15.Call number:G407.6/1

Special Educational Needs/Lindsay·Peer,Gavin·R  -eid.—London:SAGE Publications Ltd,c2012

xx,308 p. ill. 24 cm.  

Key word:Education 

16.Call number:I370.1/1

Tablet & pen/edited by Reza Aslan.—New Yo  -rk:W.W. Norton & Company,c2011 

xxiv, 657 p. 25 cm.  ,

Key word:Middle Eastern literature -- 20th 

  century -- Translations into English

17.Call number:F035.4/1

The Invention of Market Freedom/Eric·Macgilve  -ray.—Cambridge:Cambridge University Pres   -s,c2011

x,205 p. 24 cm.  ,

Key word:Liberty 

18.Call number:TK01-05/1

Energy Security in the Era of Climate Chang  -e/Luca·Anceschi , Jonathan·Symons.—New   York:Palgrave Macmillan,c2012

xvii,299 p. 23 cm.

Key word:Energy 

19.Call number:TP393-05/1

Emerging Practices in Cyberculture and Social   Networking/Daniel·Riha,Anna·Maj.—New Yor  -k:Rodopi B.V.,c2010

xiii,195 p. 22 cm.

Key word:Cyberculture 

20.Call number:D501/1

Social Policy in Developing Countries/Arthur·Li  -vingstone.—Abingdon:Routledge,c1969

vii,119 p. 25 cm.

Key word:Social Policy 

21.Call number:D752.41/1

Housing policy and Housing Finance in the Cze  -ch Republic During Transition/Martin·Lux.—A  -msterdam:Proefschrift,c2009 

284 p. ill. 24cm.  ,

Key word:Political 

22.Call number:J413/1

Modern Bridal Photography Techniques/Brett Fl   -orens.—New York:Amherst Media,Inc, c2013

157p. col.ill. 26 cm.

Key word:Photography

23.Call number:D871.231/1

U.S. Border Security/Alek·Murati,Simon·Hofer.—   New York:Nova Science Publishers,Inc, c2012175 p. ill.,map 24 cm.

Key word:Strategy 

24.Call number:D754.60/1 

The failure of Italian nationhood/Manlio Grazia  -no.—New York:Palgrave Macmillan,c2010x, 264 p. 25 cm. 

Key word:National characteristics, Italian 

25.Call number:B12/1

The Greeks and the new/Armand D'Angour.—C  -ambridge: Cambridge University Press,c2011

x, 264 p. 24 cm.

Key word:Philosophy, Ancien 

26.Call number:J657(712)/1

Duke Ellington as pianist/Matthew J. Cooper.—  Missoula, Montana:The College Music Soci   -ety,c2013

xvi, 127 p. ill.,music 23 cm.

Key word:Ellington, Duke, 1899-1974

27.Call number:G434/1 

Cutting-Edge Social Media Approaches to Busine  -ss Education/Charles·Wankel , Matthew·Marovi  -ch,Jurate·Stanaityte.—North Carolina:Informat   -ion Age Publishing,c2010

344 p. ill. 24 cm.

Key word:Education   

28.Call number:F593.347/1

Ancient Luang Prabang & Laos/Denise Heywoo  -d.—Bangkok:River books,c2008 

252 p. ill. 24 cm. 

Key word:Culture and tourism 

29.Call number:J205.565/1

Berthe Morisot/Musée Marmottan Monet.—Pari  -s:Musée Marmottan Monet,c2012 

264 p. col.ill. 29 cm. 

Key word:Art-French 

30.Call number:K837.127/1 

Joel Barlow/Richard Buel.—Baltimore:Johns H   -opkins University Press,c2011 

433 p. ill. 24 cm. 

Key word:Poets, American -- 18th century -- Biography 

31.Call number:K516.44-61/1

An Illustrated Dictionary of the Third Reich/Je  -an-Denis G.G.Lepage.—Jefferson:McFarland,  c2014 

217 p. ill. 26 cm. 

Key word:Histery 

32.Call number:K837.125.7/1 

Marilyn Monroe/Michelle Vogel , George·Cha  -kiris.—Jefferson:McFarland&Company,Inc.,  Publishers,c2014 

209 p. ill. 26 cm. 

Key word:Biography 

33.Call number:F275.1/1 

Financing New Ventures/Geoffrey Gregson.—Ne  -w York:Business Expert Press,c2014 

xi,253 p. 23 cm. 

Key word:Economy 

34.Call number:P317.5/1 

The Volcano Registry/Harris M.Lentz III.—Jeffers  -on:McFarland & Company,Inc.,Publishers,c


ix,190p. 23 cm. 

Key word:Volcano 

35.Call number:C933/1 

The Leader, The Teacher&You/Siong Guan Li   -m, Joanne H.Lim.—London:Imperial Coll   -ege Press,c2014

xlv,253 p. 24 cm.

Key word:commentary 

36.Call number:F831/1,

Applied International Finance/Thomas J.O'Bien.  —New York:Business Expert Press,c2014 

258 p. 23 cm.

Key word:Economy 

37.Call number:I561.072/2

Old English Poetry/R.M.Liuzza.—Toronto:Broa   -dview Press,c2014 

272 p. 22 cm. 

Key word:Poetry 

38.Call number:I561.072/3

Tennyson/Alfred·Tennyson.—Toronto:Broadview  Press,c2014

333 p. ill. 22 cm.

Key word:Poetry 

39.Call number:J605.712/1

Bruce Springsteen/Donald L.Deardorff II.—Lanh  -am:The Scarecrew Press,c2014

xli,175 p. 24 cm.

Key word:Biography 

40.Call number:I411.43/1

House of the Wolf/Ezzat El Kamhawi , Nancy  Roberts.—New York:The American Universi   -ty in Cairo Press,c2013 

272 p. 23 cm. 

Key word:Novel 

41.Call number:B844/1

A students' guide to developmental psychology/  Margaret Harris and Gert Westermann , Gert  ·Westermann.—New York:Psychology Press,  c2015 

xi, 320 p. ill. 25 cm. 

Key word:Developmental psychology 

42.Call number:I106.2/2 

Perspectives on World War I Poetry/Robert.A Ev  -ans.—London:Bloomsbury,c2014 

217 p. 22 cm. 

Key word:Poetry 

43.Call number:J434/1

Joel Meyerowitz/Colin Westerbeck.—London:P   -haidon,c2001

125 p. col.ill. 17 cm.

Key word:Story 

44.Call number:I561.064/1 

The Reception of Sir Walter Scott in Europe/M  -urray Pittock.—London:Bloomsbury,c2006 

lxxxii,396 p. 24 cm.  

Key word:Criticism 

45.Call number:I712.064/1 

The Reception of Henry James in Europe/Anni  -ck Duperray.—London:Bloomsbury,c2006 

liii,381 p. ill. 24 cm. 

Key word:lierature 

46.Call number:Q57-49/1 ,

Hormones/Martin Luck.—Oxford:Oxford Unive  -rsity Press,c2014 

xv,136 p. 18 cm.  

Key word:Science 

47.Call number:G258.5/1

Academic Branch Libraries in Changing Times/  Nevenka·Zdravkovska.—Cambridge:Chandos   Publishing,c2011

xvii,211 p. ill. 24 cm.

Key word:Academic Library 

48.Call number:G250.7/1

Srategic Business Development for Information   Centres and Libraries/Margareta·Nelke.—Oxfo  -rd:Chandos Publishing,c2010

xvii,152 p. 24 cm.

Key word:Library

49.Call number:O64/A873

Physical Chemistry/Pster·Atkins.—Oxford:O      -xford University Press,c2014

xvii,128 p. ill. 18 cm.

Key word:Physical Chemistry  

50.Call number:G229.561/1

The Birth of British Television/Mark·Aldridge.   —London:Palgrave Macmillan,c2012

viii,223 p. ill. 24 cm.

Key word:Television Broadcasting-Great Britain-History

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