Qingdao library volunteer management method

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Qingdao library volunteer management method

To strengthen the management of library volunteers, give full play to the role of volunteers in service for the society, to carry forward the noble spirit of love public welfare undertakings, helpful, attract more social volunteers to participate in the library public service activities, these procedures are formulated.

A, definitions,

Volunteers are people who do not pay for material things, who are willing to serve and help others, based on conscience, faith and responsibility.

Volunteers work within the scope of national laws, regulations and regulations.

Ii. Rights and obligations

(I) the volunteer shall enjoy the following rights:

1. Volunteer training, research and other related activities;

2. Supervise the volunteer work and make Suggestions and criticisms;

3. To obtain corresponding assistance and services during the service period, such as transportation subsidy and free lunch;

4. Quit volunteer service team.

(2) the volunteer shall perform the following obligations:

1. Strictly abide by the code of volunteer service, and consciously maintain the reputation and image of the library;

2. Timely and earnestly complete the tasks entrusted by the library;

3. Report to the library about my services;

4. The library volunteers must not be engaged in any activities that are profit-oriented or contrary to public morality.

(iii) volunteer service contents:

1. Reader service;

2. Internal basic business work;

3. Visit reception and explanation of the library (exhibition);

4. Organizing and translating large-scale activities and meetings;

5. Social welfare counselling activities;

6. Seminar and communication;

7. Service for disabled citizens;

8. Other temporary and striking work.

Registration method

(I) basic conditions for volunteers to sign up

1. Living or working in this city, aged between 18 and 65 years old; physical and mental health;

2. Enthusiastic public welfare undertakings, with dedication;

3. Have the basic quality to adapt to the volunteer service projects and activities;

4. Select at least one volunteer service project according to your own wishes and conditions;

5, abide by the law.

(2) volunteer registration

Fill in the application form

Iv. Organization and management methods

(1) the library office is responsible for the daily management of volunteers (tel: 85012801). The main responsibilities are:

1. Understand the job requirements of various departments in the library;

2. Arrange volunteer teams according to the requirements of each department;

3, close contact volunteer service by the department, supervise department to strengthen the position of volunteer management, set up necessary management system, set up "volunteer service file", record the service effect; To organize recognition, reward and publicity for excellent volunteers.

4. The service qualification may be terminated if there is any violation of the national laws or regulations or the practice of volunteer service, or not serious, irresponsible or competent in the service activities.

(2) the heads of all departments shall be responsible for organizing volunteer service activities.

The measures have been implemented since March 2009.

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