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Private Network Resources: the Qingdao library is connected with the national library to share the achievements of national digital library project resources and a number of excellent commercial digital resources. Resources include more than 1 million books, more than 700 kinds of journals, more than 70,000 teaching courseware, more than 10,000 pictures, 180,000 full text files, and more than 3,000 kinds of video resources about lectures and local opera. The total resources exceeded 120TB.Note: Private network resources are only available in the e-reading room of Qingdao library and the district libraries.

Name of the database Visit address
Emerald The database contains 178 full-text journals, with more than 110,000 full-text articles covering business management, information science, materials science and engineering. >Click to Visit
U.S. Congressional Serial Set The database is a sub-database of the Archive of Americana. It includes 15,000 volumes. >Click to Visit
Eighteen Century Collections Online The database includes English and other languages books from the 18th century, covering history, geography, law, literature, and language. >Click to Visit
The Making of Modern World, MOMW The database contains 61,000 economic and business books published by Goldsmiths '-Kress economic and literature library between 1450 and 1850. >Click to Visit
The Making of Modern Law, MOML The database contains a total of 22,000 legal books published in the UK and US since 1800, over 10.6 million pages…… >Click to Visit
Early English Books Online The database contains information on all existing English publications from 1473-1700, more than 125,000 books and 22.5 million pages of electronic images. >Click to Visit
EAI The database is a sub-database of the Archive of Americana. EAI together with EEBO and ECCO are the three major historical electronic books projects of the 17th and 19th centuries. >Click to Visit
Archives Unbound Asia It mainly includes the following topics: the Asian American affair, China and the post-war anti-communist fever, China's civil war and Sino American relations, and the records of the overseas Chinese affairs office of the state department. >Click to Visit
Declassified Documents Reference System The database is an important resource for studying the internal and international relations of the United States after world war Ⅱ, covering more than 100,000 documents and more than 595, 000 pages of information. >Click to Visit
Digital National Security Archive DNSA contains a large number of first-hand accounts of American diplomacy and military policy since 1945. >Click to Visit

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