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Excellent Service Brands

——popularizing knowledge, inheriting culture

Qingdao Culture Lecture Hall - culture classroom for the masses 

Since founded in 2002, Qingdao Culture Lecture Hall has been committed to popularizing culture and knowledge among the masses and clearing up confusions for readers. Nowadays, it has become a beautiful “culture landscape” of Qingdao in building the learning-based city. Qingdao Library invites well-known experts and scholars to give lectures in Qingdao Culture Lecture Hall, such as Zhang Hanzhi (a prominent political activist and diplomat) , Zheng Shouyi (an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Han Xiuyun (a Tsinghua University professor), Liu Shilong (an elderly movie and TV performance artist) and Tang Haoming (the author of the novel Zeng Guofan) etc. Topics range from major international events to common social concerns, involving politics, economy, history, culture, arts, science and leisure etc. At the same time, the library invites members of Qingdao Social Sciences Association, and holds lectures and salons jointly with them. All of these not only guarantees the quality of the lecture, but also highlights Qingdao local characteristics. The influence of Qingdao Culture Lecture Hall in academia is increasing and its brand awareness is being promoted unceasingly.
In addition, Qingdao Library conducts video lectures by sharing high-quality resources of other advanced libraries, such as Shanghai Library. In order to broaden the audience, the Library also extends video lectures into branch libraries, military camps, schools and communities. The measure not only enlarged the influence of lectures, but also increased the utilization rate of resources. Naturally, it is welcomed by general public.After several years of development, Qingdao Culture Lecture Hall has become mature gradually. There are five characteristic modules now: expert and scholar module, local literature and history module, art module, middle and old aged literature module and video module. So far, we have already held over 600 live lectures and 200 video lectures, with audiences up to 150,000 totally. 

Qingdao Culture Lecture Hall has also won a lot of prizes. It has been granted the honorable tile of “the most favorite culture activity”. In 2008, it ranked as the top of “Qingdao Top 10 Culture Brands”. In 2011, it was granted the honorable tile of “Featured Service Brand of Public Library” by Culture Department of Shandong Province.

inheriting culture, spreading civilization
Automobile Library - accessible library beside citizens
Dated from 1980s, Automobile Library has been serving for military and civilians in the manner of offering books to them at fixed time and location. At first, the activity aimed at serving for troops stationed in Qingdao, including soldiers in military camp, sea island and cadres sanatoriums. In 1990s, the service extended into party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, military and civilian communities, social welfare institutes, labor camps and new citizen communities. So far, there are 36 mobile library service centers in Qingdao, holding 200 activities annually, attracting 50,000 readers and lending 10,000 books.
In recent years, besides traditional service mode, new methods are adopted. By means of CD, we spread knowledge into countries, military camps and communities. More than 120,000 CD has been recorded and offered for 1,200 rural service centers. The content of CD concerns agricultural technology, health care, opera and film, culture lecture etc. In addition, digital resources are available for community residents, such as e-books and journals databases. The cultural life of citizens has been further enriched and Automobile Library enjoys a high reputation among leaders and the masses. 
In order to honor the outstanding achievements of Qingdao Library in mobile library service, Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions granted Automobile Library the title of “Excellent Service Brand” in 2008. By virtue of the activity, Qingdao Library has been consistently rated as “advanced unit through the joint efforts of the army and the masses of Qingdao” and “advanced unit for double-support building of Qingdao” for many years.

inspiring the wisdom of soul, presenting the charm of music
Baby Mozart Story-telling Concert - the cradle of musicians
In order to develop the educational activities on minors, build Qingdao as "music island" and "revitalize" music materials, Baby Mozart Music Library was set up in 2008, concentrating the function of music book reading, audio-visual appreciation, music lectures and piano playing. The Library innovated and pioneered the mode of " story-telling concert ", which means while playing the piano, a cultural volunteer will tell stories to children, with fancy PPT. In this way, children will get involved in music easily and then lose themself in the beautiful melody. In this way, children’s sensory perception will be enhanced and their enthusiasm of learning music will be inspired from various angles.
Baby Mozart Story-telling Concert is held weekly and it has been held for more than 400 times since its establishment, attracting over 100,000 readers. And many interesting stories are involved, such as “Forest Party”, “Snow white”, “My Balloon Ride”, “The Doll’s Dream”, “The Story Of Santa Claus” and so on.
The activity not only gets high opinion of children and their parents, but also receives many high praises of leaders. Li Lanqing, the former member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and Vice Premier, Liu Yunshan, the former  Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee and Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, and other leaders inspected Small Mozart Music Library, and encouraged us to carry on with education activities on minors.

enjoying reading, cultivating sentiments
Little Seashell Kids Camp - culture club for children
Since established in 2009, Little Seashell Kids Camp has been enjoying a high reputation among children and their parents. With abundant information and a brand new style, the activity has a strong appeal to children. So far, the activity has been held for over 700 times, attracting almost 70,000 readers. Now, it has become “a good friend” to children in Qingdao.
Little Seashell Kids Camp contains seven modules: “Creative Handcraft Practice”, “Little Seashell Story Time”, “Little Seashell Movie Time”, “Little Seashell Quiz”, “Little Seashell Show Time”, “Game Play Time” and “Little Seashell Chamber Orchestra”. The activity provides a platform for children to study and leisure in the manner of handcraft, story-telling, movie watching, quiz, stage performance and music appreciation.
The activity is not only held in the Library, but also expanded into communities. Besides offering books, Little Seashell Kids Camp also bring performance, riddles, fun games and reading activities to children in communities, presenting the unique charm of it.
The mushrooming Little Seashell Kids Camp has obtained a widespread high praise. It has been reported specially by China Culture Daily and major media in Qingdao. In 2002, Shandong Provincial Government granted Little Seashell Kids Camp the honorable title of “Shandong service brand”.

learning foreign language with passion, making breakthrough in happiness 
Qingdao Library Foreign Language Salon - a platform for sino-foreign cultural exchanges
Since established in 2002, Qingdao Library Foreign Language Salon has provided a platform for general public to improve foreign language skills and show their foreign language abilities. In the manner of lecture, quizzes, face-to-face communication and discussion, the salon builds an immersive environment for participants. While helping readers to improve foreign languages, Qingdao Library Foreign Language Salon has also promoted the utilization ratio of foreign language literature and sino-foreign cultural exchanges. In addition, the activity has also enriched cultural life of general public. Up to now, the activity has attracted more than 20,000 citizens and it has become an excellent service brand of Qingdao Library. 

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