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Brief Introduction

As a large municipal public library, Qingdao library is a significant knowledge & information center and spiritual civilization construction base of Qingdao, providing academic services for enterprises and government organs for free. 

In 1924, the predecessor of Qingdao Library, Qingdao Public Popular Library, was founded. In December 1997, Qingdao government decided to expand the Library at the original location, investing 80 million yuan totally. The new Library opened to public on July 6th 2002, with a floor space of 26,000 square meters, 7-storey high. Qingdao Library then became a cultural landmark of Qingdao, with a huge frame in the front side of the building, symbolizing the door of knowledge.


Qingdao Library has a collection of 2.46 million items now, consisting of more than 150,000 ancient books, 1.76million Chinese common books, 250,000 periodicals, 30,000 literature published during ROC,20,000 Qingdao local documents and 150,000 foreign language literature, which including 30,000  documents published during Japanese&Germany occupation period. 

There are altogether 104 employees and 13 departments in Qingdao Library, including executive office, acquisition & cataloging department,Chinese book circulation department, periodical department, reading department, foreign language literature department, ancient book department, children book department, network & technology center, social work department, logistics department, reader development department and counseling department.

The Library owns 30 different areas and over 1500 seats, including auditorium, exhibition hall, music archives, digital reading room, Qingdao local literature reading room, chronicles reading room, ancient books reading room, reading room for disabled persons, lending & reading room for children and self-study room etc. With these facilities, Qingdao Library can realize the function of knowledge dissemination, information transmission, academic exchanges, cultural display, leisure and entertainment, education and training etc.

Qingdao Library cherishes the motto of “people oriented, service first”, and keeps an open-minded service philosophy. The Library opens everyday throughout the year, providing a full range of quality services to the whole society.

Qingdao Library has a long history and fine tradition. With the opening of the new library building, the Library has reached an important milestone. We firmly believe that Qingdao library will take a new look in the new age.


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