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Rules and Regulations for Readers

1、Readers should be polite and civilized, be aware of their appearance and be dressed decently in the Library.

2. Smoking is prohibited within the Library. Inflammable, explosive or toxic and dangerous items are not allowed in the Library.

3. Please keep quiet in the Library. Mobile phones must be switched to the silent or vibrate mode. 

4.Activities such as meeting and entertainment can not be held in the Library without permission.

5.Take good care of hygiene. Forbid spitting and littering. Use toilet civilization.

6. It is forbidden to eat in the reading and lending area. It is forbidden to spill the ground with water, tea and drink.

7. Take good care of books, magazines and facilities in the Library. It is forbidden to paint and destroy the equipment. It is forbidden to post, distribute advertisements or other publicity materials.

8.Maintain the order of the Library consciously. Do not grabbing the seat, book cabinet, etc.. Do not move the desks and chairs freely.

9.Please cooperate with the check if the export monitor alarm when you leave.

10. Please abide by the regulations of the Library and follow the instructions of the Library staff.

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