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Readers Guide

1.Borrowing period: 30 days for ordinary books, magazines.

2.Renewal:Ordinary book:  It can make renewal once during the borrowing period, and the renewal period is 30 days(from the next day after  the borrowing period expires). Magazines:It will not provide renewal .

     Ways of renewal: 

(1) Log in the website of Qingdao  Public Library(http://www.qdlib.net) and make operation;  

(2) Dial the service telephone: Qingdao  Public Library 0532-85012822;

(3) Log in the official wechat of Qingdao Public Library and make operation;  

(4) Log in the mobile app of Qingdao Public Library and make operation; 

3.Treatment for overdue borrowing:If the borrowed literature is not returned after the required period expires, the reader shall pay the overdue fee based on the following standards: 

For  the ordinary books and magazines, RMB0.05/day;

The maximum overdue fee for each book of paper  literature is RMB9; 

The Library will pause the borrowing and reading  function of the library card until the overdue fee is payed.  

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