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Frequently Asked Questions

1、How to go to the Qingdao Public Library?

Qingdao Public Library locates on No.109 Yanji Road, Qingdao. It has two entrances:

the north gate (the main entrance) and the west gate. You can go to the library by the following bus: 33、205、211、224、307、318、320、322、374、502、605、626、761。

2、What are the partitions of the Qingdao library?

Qingdao Library is divided into the east area, the west area and the Children 's Library.The east area and west area are located at 109 Yanji Road.The Children 's Library is located at the fourth floor of the Science and Technology Palace, 6 Donghai West Road.

3、Do I need a permit to go to the library?

The Qingdao library is open to the public, no documents are required for reading.If you want to lend the book, you need to make registration and pay a deposit with your own ID card. See the "certificate guide" section.

4、Is the library available for self-study?

The Qingdao Library has study areas on the 3rd and 4th floor.They are open to the public.

Open hours:

3rd floor:From May to September: 8:30-20:30

              FromOctober to April next year:8:30-19:30

4th floor:From May to September: 8:30-17:30

              From October to April next year:8:30-17:00

5、How to borrow books?

You need to make registration and pay a deposit with your own ID card.See the “ Library Card Guide”.

Qingdao Library has three Chinese Books Loan Rooms on the 3rd floor, one Chinese Periodicals Loan Room and one Foreign Publications  Loan Room on the 2ed floor, one 24h self-service library on the west side of the main entrance. Books and periodical can be borrowed here. See the “Resource Guide”.

6、 Is there wifi (wireless internet) in the Library? 

Our library has the ID card wifi certification machine on the east side of the main entrance. Readers only need to brush their ID card to use wifi.

7、How should children borrow books?

The Children 's Library is on the 4th floor of the Science and Technology Palace, 6 Donghai West Road. Children for 3 to 14 ages can  make registration at the Children 's Library or Qingdao Library with their own ID card or residence booklet,and make literature borrowing and reading function available. It will charge deposit of RMB100 or RMB200 for each library card.

Service telephone :67755373

Open hours:

Wednesday - Friday  9:00-11:30   12:30-17:00

Saturday - Sunday   9:00-12:00   13:00-17:00

8、What shall I do if I lost the book I borrowed?

If the book you borrowed is lost, it shall make compensation based on 2-5 times of the price of book price. You can also buy the original copy to return.Please consult the librarian.

9、Can I go to the electronic reading room to get on the Internet?

Readers more than 16 years old and have library card, can surf the Internet for two hours free of charge in the electronic reading room every day.

10、How to retrieve books?

Both the second floor and the third floor of our library are equipped with search computers. Our website and WeChat also provide bibliographic enquiry.

11、Can my library card be used in county (district) libraries ?

The library card of Qingdao Library can be used in Qingdao Library and all the ten county (district) libraries. Chinese books can be borrowed and lended from each of them.

12、How to participate in the library activities ?

Our library releases a variety of activities to readers in many ways, such as our website , our WeChat, the large screen of thelibrary on the 2ed floor and the activities bulletin board along the entrance of the library.

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