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Library Card Guide

一、Application of card

1、We have “Digital Resource Access Card” and “Document Lending Card”. Digital Resource Card, which is used for accessing the digital resources for free and has no lending functions, can be applied for online (URL: No deposit is required and readers are no need to come to the library personally. ID card can be used as Document Lending Card. Readers must go to the General Reception Desk with deposit to register the lending functions, holding their own ID cards.

2、Temporary cards are available for people having no ID cards, e.g. children, military, foreigners and so on, with their valid identification such as household register, Military ID, or passport. Readers must register again after applying for new ID cards.

3、Children’s Card (3-14 years old) only can be used in Children’s Reading Room. Children above 12 years old can apply for general cards with their ID cards.

4、Card is restricted to the usage of its owner only. The types, functions and deposit of the card are as follows:

No. Types Deposit Circulation Type Number of Lending Lending Policies
1 General Card 100 RMB 100 Chinese Books, Chinese Periodicals 3 Chinese Books + 3 Chinese Periodicals Books can be lent for a period of 30 days and can be renewed once for 30 days.
Periodicals can be lent for a period of 30 days

2 General Card 200 RMB 200 Chinese Books, Chinese Periodicals 6 Chinese Books + 6 Chinese Periodicals
3 General Card 300 RMB 300 Foreign Books,Chinese Books, Chinese Periodicals Chinese and Foreign Books can be totally 9 books(Maximum of Foreign Books can be 3 books
+ 9 Chinese Periodicals(3000 Yuan Card can lend Foreign Books)
4 General Card 3000 RMB 3000
5 Children’s Card 100 RMB 100 Children’s Books 2 books
6 Children’s Card 200 RMB 200 Children’s Books 4 books
7 Braille library card RMB 100 Braille books 2 books
8 Digital Resource Access Card —— Digital Resource —— For the policy and introduction of digital resource card, please click on

二、Replacement of card

Report the loss of ID card or Library Card to the General Reception Desk (telephone number: 85012822) in a timely manner to stop lending books, or reader’s are responsible for all charges from items borrowed on their cards. Readers, who applied for Library cards by their ID cards, must re-register the function on the new ID cards. Readers with temporary Library Cards must obtain replacement cards by valid identification after the report of loss.

三、Refund of card

Cancellation or refund of card can be handled by readers with their valid identification and the deposit will be returned. On behalf of others, both of their valid identification is needed.。

四、Function Transformation

Readers who want to transform the function of the cards just need to pay the deposit according to the standard.

五、Time of Application

Daylight Saving Time (May 1 - September 30): 8:30-17:30
Winter Time (October 1 - April 30): 8:30-17:00

六、The measures implemented since January 1, 2013.

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