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Private Network Resources: the Qingdao library is connected with the national library to share the achievements of national digital library project resources and a number of excellent commercial digital resources. Resources include more than 1 million books, more than 700 kinds of journals, more than 70,000 teaching courseware, more than 10,000 pictures, 180,000 full text files, and more than 3,000 kinds of video resources about lectures and local opera. The total resources exceeded 120TB.Note: Private network resources are only available in the e-reading room of Qingdao library and the district libraries.

Name of the database Visit address
Emerald Click to Visit
U.S. Congressional Serial Set Click to Visit
Eighteen Century Collections Online Click to Visit
The Making of Modern World, MOMW Click to Visit
The Making of Modern Law, MOML Click to Visit
Early English Books Online Click to Visit
EAI Click to Visit
Archives Unbound Asia Click to Visit
Declassified Documents Reference System Click to Visit
Digital National Security Archive Click to Visit
Founder E-books Click to Visit
Chinese Periodicals Click to Visit
Old Photos Click to Visit
Video Resources Click to Visit
日出东方--马克思主义中国化90年大型电子图书展 Click to Visit
国家统计数据库 Click to Visit
World Importers Net Click to Visit
Patent Search and Analysis of SIPO Click to Visit
学大小状元 Click to Visit
Kuke Click to Visit

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